About us

Erada is an R&D oriented organization aimed at developing futuristic and innovative technologies. Founded in 2000, we have been working on bringing Artificial Intelligence into the mainstream IT. We are driven by the belief that the future can’t wait.

 R & D



 Data Science

We are focused on bringing the next paradigm shift in Business Intelligence. A typical engineer at Erada is a Data Scientist with deep knowledge in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and several other cutting edge BI technologies. Our expertise lies in Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Situational Intelligence, Machine Learning & Knowledge Discovery.

Software vendors are more concerned about “results”, which really means “profits measured quarterly”. We believe that this attitude only hampers innovation and leads to losing competitive edge to the other companies that innovate faster. To us, INNOVATION and FUTURE are more important words than “quarterly results”.





At Erada, every employee is an entrepreneur and is a partner in the success.  With a work culture that encourages “outside the box” thinking, our passion helps us in converting vision into value rapidly.  We operate very lean with very little operational overhead. This allows us to reduce our Cost-of-Innovation.

Our teams are constantly in touch with the opportunities and challenges of today’s industry leaders. Through consultancy with several fortune 500 companies, we have applied our expertise in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence in accelerating clients’ growth and enhancing productivity. Our teams participated in building BI solutions, conducting training sessions and providing advisory consultancy at over 30 organizations including Gillette, Hersheys, Nestle, Clorox, nVidia, Rockwell Collins, McKesson, PG&E, AMD, Intel, Global Foundries, Valero, Novellus, Dolby, Vishay, P&G, DWR, CISCO, ServiceNow, Moog, Chep, Estee Lauder, Black & Decker, Volkswagen, Autodesk, Applied Materials, MassMutual, Capital Group, Florida Department of Finance, Imperial Tobacco & Genentech.