SmartView for BW

Maintain & manage your SAP BW implementation efficiently & reduce TCOsmartview_hana

A typical BW implementation contains hundreds of InfoCubes, DSOs, MultiProviders, InfoSets, etc. These objects are related to each other in a hierarchical manner, with a complex dependency relationship between them. Making a change to one of them would potentially (and often inadvertently) impact several other objects. Implementation timelines and TCO of the BW system can be substantially reduced by handling and documenting these objects systematically. SmartView for BW does this very effectively.


  • Reduce TCO of BW system
  • Reduce BW maintenance costs
  • Avoid inadvertant modifications to the objects
  • Get a better handle on the overall data flow
  • Document technical objects effectively


  • Graphical display of technical obejcts & relationships
  • Display a subset of objects linked to a model
  • Maintain free text documentaiton for objects
  • Categorize objects by custom flags
  • Identify base tables feeding a model or a report