Product Extension

In this service, our software developers work with your product engineering team in extending your product with ViewRich capabilities.   A typical engagement contains the following phases:





 Phase 1 Initial Study In this phase, we work with your product engineering team in understanding the architectural foundation of your product offerings and the technical feasibility of integrating ViewRich capabilities into your product.
 Phase 2 Define Goals In this phase, the end product is envisioned using prototyping and white boarding. The look and feel of the end product and the technical approach to achieve this are defined.
 Phase 3 Project Kickoff In this phase project plan is created with details on teams, responsibilities & timelines. At the end of this phase, both you, the software vendor, and Erada will sign a contract to officially kickoff the engagement.
 Phase 4  Implementation In this phase, Erada’s team works with your product engineering team in implementing the project plan and delivering the technical objects.
 Phase 5  Product Launch  In this phase, your marketing team is briefed on the ViewRich capabilities being added to your product offering. Erada’s team will provide input to your marketing team on Product Branding and Marketing Aspects of the new ViewRich capabilities.
 Phase 6  Beta Customer Support  In this phase, we work with your beta customers in nailing out any technical issues associated with product integration and launch.
 Phase 7  Early Adopter Support  In this phase, we provide “ultra care” tech support to your early adopter customers and assist you in making adjustments to the technology as necessary.
 Phase 8  Training & Ongoing Support In this phase, we support your product engineering & tech support team in gaining deeper understanding of ViewRich technology and providing better customer support.

While this plan works in most cases, we are flexible in working with you to fine tune this plan to meet your specific requirements.

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