What we do

Whether you are a CFO, SVP of Sales, or a Marketing Executive, the business decisions you make will have a huge impact not only on your organization but also personally on you. We believe that 90% of the data relevant for making a smart business choice lies outside the corporate IT system.   This includes demographics, market trends, micro and macro economic indicators, the weather, … to name a few. Our technology platform helps in combining the 10% of data from your corporate IT system with our proprietary data in helping you make the right choices both for you and your organization.







Unfortunately, mere slicing and dicing of data is termed as Business Intelligence these days. While it should really be called Business Reporting, the word “Intelligence” is pretty much accepted by the industry based on the hope that corporate data will one day play a critical role in making intelligent business decisions.   Our algorithms, combined with our visualization techniques actualize this hope. We relentlessly pursued marrying Artificial Intelligence with Business Intelligence, and successfully created several algorithms in extracting deep insights from corporate data.
Our technology helps in presenting news and statistics in a highly engaging and entertaining way. Whether it is opinion poll results for presidential race or stock market analysis, our presentation techniques will capture the audience and provide deeper insights. For TV and Internet media, our “media quality” presentation technology can play a key role in increasing the viewership and captivating the audience. Our technology has shown to raise the viewer’s interest levels even in the topics they are least bothered about.






strategy advisors

For Management Consulting firms, part of the Strategy Advice assignment is to present the supporting data in a compelling manner. When it comes to data analysis, our presentation technology goes far beyond the capabilities offered by the ordinary presentation alternatives like Microsoft Office tools & Adobe’s PDF documents.   Our easy-to-use interface helps a non-technical user in creating a high quality presentation that can tell a compelling story.
Market Researcher often face the challenge of providing both breadth & depth to the data points they collect. Often, the data they present is static and lack connectivity. These silo data points fail to tell a story and provide insight. With our technology, the market researchers can not only breath life into the data to convert it into information, they can also link disparate information points to extract knowledge out of it. This increases the credibility of the market research and provide tremendous value to their customers.


market researchers




software vendors

Our carefully designed APIs and interfaces help in integrating our analytical and presentation engines into other software products with ease. This allows software vendors to concentrate their efforts on the core functionalities of their products, while the reporting and analytical part of their products are handled by our product. Our technology add the necessary sophistication to our partner’s software while reducing the cost of adding the reporting functionality.
BI market is shared by a large number of software vendors. Several customers have over four different BI solutions, with different groups relying on different products. Articulating a differentiating functionality with a wow-factor is critical for a BI vendor in increasing their footprint within a customer site.   We help BI vendors in this regard. Working with us also reduces the time for BI vendors to catch up with the competition.


BI vendors