Personal Companion

We believe that 90% of the data needed to make an accurate business decision does not exist in the corporate IT system.  Personal Companion fills this gap.  It comes with specialized algorithms to extract intelligence out of your corporate data and our proprietary data.  A typical user of Personal Companion is an “individual” whose decisions directly impact the organization. It is generally a senior executive from Finance, Sales, Marketing or Operations side of the business, like a CxO, SVP, VP, or an analyst supporting the above roles.





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Personal Companion is a personal empowerment product. With Personal Companion, we have taken “intelligence” from corporate level to individual level.  It is not an IT product that requires a team to maintain.  It is a desktop based application that runs on your laptop or mobile device (tablets and smart phones).  As a user of Personal Companion, you will subscribe to a predefined set of data points and algorithms.  Personal Companion supplies the supporting data, helps you with the analysis and adds sophistication to your presentation to drastically increase credibility.


In this example, the user analyzed the KPIs by two dimensions simultaneously.  The user was able to identify the external factors that impacted the KPIs by each dimension.  This analysis helped the user in identifying the exceptions, so that opportunities for new revenue generation could be identified.
in this example, the user analyzed the KPI by state and month and identified different factors that impacted the KPI.  Different world events and local events were displayed that impacted the KPIs.
While the leading BI vendors provide the ability to analyze the data by only one dimension, this analysis gives the ability to split the data by three dimensions simultaneously.  In this example, the user analyzed the KPI by three dimensions and figured out what is common between all the best performers.
In this example, the user analyzed the KPI by two dimensions simultaneously, and identified some important patterns.  The user realized that the revenues from all industries are seasonal, except for one industry.  Also, different industries hit their peak at different times.
In this example, the user analyzed the KPI by two dimensions simultaneously and the fluctuations by a third dimension are animated.  This animation has revealed some important insights.
In this example, the user analyzed the KPI by two dimensions simultaneously in one compartment, and split the KPIs by another dimension in the second compartment.  Large volumes of data was displayed using a birds eye view.  Then, different rich patches were selected to figure out why the KPI is high in those patches.
In this example, the user was able to find all the factors that impact the KPI and the degree of impact.  For each factor, supporting data could be displayed.
This analysis helps in identifying Cannibals and Uplifters by one dimension with respect to another dimension.  In this example, the user was able to do the friend products with respect to industry.