FAQ – RapidPro

Frequently asked questions for RapidPro suite and its components:

Can RapidPro be used only on ECC or on any other SAP systems?

RapidPro can be used on any SAP system that is based on ABAP. Some examples include ECC,BW, CRM, SRM,…

What is involved in installing RapidPro at my sight?

RapidPro is a desktop based application that communicates with the backend SAP system using an RFC channel. RFC installation package is included in the overall RapidPro installation package.

Can I purchase the licenses for individual components of RapidPro?

 Yes, the components of RapidPro can be purchased and licensed individually. Please keep in mind that installing RapidPro includes all components of RapidPro but only the components for which you have purchased the licenses will be available for usage.

Does installing RapidPro at my site disrupt my implementation in any way?

 No.   The results of RapidPro are written to the local disk of the presentation layer on which you installed RapidPro. For Rapid Optimizer, you, the customer, will be validating the new program both for performance and functionality in the development and test environments before promoting the new code to the productive system. For Rapid Index, the index recommendations (both elimination of existing indexes and creation of newer ones) will have to be validated in development and test environment before promoting them to the productive environment. Also, index elimination will have to be implemented in phases so that unnecessary eliminations (which are highly unlikely), if any, can be avoided. This also applies to Rapid Buffer.

Does Rapid Optimizer make an ABAP programmer unnecessary?

No. You still need ABAP programmers in your team for both new developments, maintenance of existing ones and tuning of ABAP programs. Rapid Optimizer only assists an ABAP programmer in tuning the SSAP system and makes the job of tuning more efficient.

Does Rapid Optimizer work with ABAP Objects?