Frequently asked questions for SmartCube:

Will SmartCube be helpful to us if we have HANA?

Yes. SmartCube helps in trimming down the InfoCube by eliminating unnecessary InfoObjects from the InfoCube, thus reducing the TCO of the HANA system.

Will SmartCube be helpful to us if we have BWA?

Yes. SmartCube provides additional performance enhancement on BWA (BIA). Also, by eliminating unnecessary InfoObjects from the InfoCube, SmartCube helps in reducing the number of BWA fails.

What is involved in installing SmartCube at my site?

SmartCube is a desktop based application that communicates with the BW backend system via an RFC channel. RFC installation package is included in the overall SmartCube installation package.

Can SmartCube be used for creating a new InfoCube?

Yes. If the InfoCube has to be created on top of a DSO, you can pick that DSO in SmartCube and directly create an InfoCube. If the DSO does not exist, then you can either create a rough DSO or InfoCube and run it through SmartCube to create an efficient one.

Can SmartCube be used for optimizing a MultiProvider?

Yes, and there is a manual step involved in this. Individual components of the MultiProvider should be optimized separately and the new InfoCubes should be manually included into the MultiProvider.

We have multiple divisions, each division having its own BW system, but all systems have the same InfoCube. Can I implement recommendations from one InfoCube and apply them to all other copies?

No. SmartCube depends on the data profile and the usage profile of the InfoCube. Changes are extremely high that these profiles are different for InfoCubes in your system (even if the InfoCube designs are the same).